Direct Teller

For a minimum charge our Direct Teller allows you to call 24 hours a day and check your account balance, see if a check has cleared or a deposit has been made. 

Internet Banking & Bill Pay Service

Internet Banking and Bill Pay are free.  You can pay unlimited bills, 24/7, with absolutely no charge.  No more stamps to buy, envelopes to address, and you can always make sure the bill is there on time.  You can check your history and account information for all accounts linked to the primary Social Security Number, search information by check number or amount, and view the front and back of all cleared checks.  A high level of encryption and firewalls make it completely safe.

Additional Services

  • Wire Transfers 

  • Safe Deposit Boxes (All offices except Hoover and Pelham) 

  • Traveler's Checks 

  • ATM and Debit Cards

  • Federal Tax Deposits

  • Merchant Credit Card Processing

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